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July 1, 2013
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Moisca Collab: Kuroshitsuji: Sebastian M., Ciel P. by smallsmiles Moisca Collab: Kuroshitsuji: Sebastian M., Ciel P. by smallsmiles
Original lineart by :iconmoisca:, the lovely and talented young lady who rules our hearts.
Ciel: and Sebastian:
She encouraged me to "cover up" her lovely lineart, but I didn't cover it up completely. All the lines are following her drawings, and you can see bits of it shining through, even now. :nod:) I tried to keep it close to her original lines.

Texture used:, and wanderingsoul-stox.deviantart.…, with lots of layering, filtering, and overlay with brushes. ♥

:nod: Actually, I used some traditional mediums on this too (watercolor and copic markers), but photographed and edited them in through Photoshop. Actually, my sister did . She's just clever like that.)


Gentle critique is admired. :nod: Which is to say, you may definitely tell me what needs work, but I'd appreciate it if you have a suggestion on how to fix it also. And every artist knows that building on strengths is important too.

Edit: made some changes due to suggestions. Yay~
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I like your skin tone~
Thank you. ^_^
silenceunk0wn Jan 15, 2014   Digital Artist
So much to catch up on, love the textures :love:
No rush! You're not obligated to comment/catch up on anything! XD Just what you like. :heart: balloon

Yay, texture. I adore texture....
SeasAventura Oct 27, 2013  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
I'm using this as my desktop wallpaper and I saved it as "Loss for Words" which just about sums up my exact feelings for this. Easily the easiest favorite, watch and llama I have ever given to someone. I will be eagerly anticipating all of your work...this is a style I have never seen Ciel and Sebby in. I especially love Ciel, but I adore the fact that this has so many mediums used in it. I see watercolors, markers, (the linear job by Moisca) and it still has the hint of it feeling like a magazine collage. Very clever, very inovative, and I absolutely love this piece so much. 

Stupendous job! 
I'm avoiding replying to your other reply, btw, so I can keep it in my inbox and reference it easily. ^_^ Expect some edits eventually. Maybe this weekend if I"m not too lazy.
SeasAventura Nov 1, 2013  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
~blush~ I'm glad I helped
 Mew Smilie Blush 
:blushes: ohhhh, thank you~ :heart: I am quite stunned you like my work so much. ^^!! Feel free to let me know if there's an adjustment to make here-or-there. :nod: I am always trying to improve. ^_^ I'll be submitting a Harry Potter fanart in a little bit for example that I'm not too sure of...

Oh, you can actually spot the textures? :D that is great! I always wonder if it's very apparent or not, sooo....glad to hear that it is, but that it works well together.

A magazine collage! :D I've seen some of those. Also saw some very old magazine cutouts in a scrapbook once-- it was terribly interesting. :nod:

Sebastian and Ciel = two of my favorite~ characters. Drawing them is super fun. ^_^ I think I have at least three in-progress arts for them, but...ehhhh, I am sloooow.
SeasAventura Oct 28, 2013  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
I'm not a very well trained artist myself (I can't draw well, period :P) but I do think that the piece would have a bit more contrast if Sebastian looked a bit older. In this piece he actually looks the same age as Ciel and it makes them more equals than what they are. Though I ship the two of them I have always thought that Sebastian is like an older brother or father figure to Ciel. He is what Ciel needs him to be...and maybe it's more than that. He may also be what Ciel needs to be. He's a very strong influence on Ciel and the choices he makes in his life. Ciel is very set in his ways...but Sebastian continues to make even the great Phantomhive pause and ponder every now and then. They do become more equals as they go along...but Ciel doesn't seem to be a demon here and until that happens Ciel is still incredibly fragile in many respects and needs his guardian. It would help if Sebastian wasn't as soft around the edges as Ciel in this painting because Seb is often a bit like a...I hesitate to say older version...but a reflection of a more tempered and calm Ciel. One that has finally settled his grudges and can find amusement in beholding the mockery of the world instead of indulging his vulnerabilities and skulking in his past. It's no mistake that Sebby bares a keen resemblance to Vincent Phantomhive, he is what Ciel needs him to be...and what he may someday be in his own way. So yeah...age Sebby up a that was a long rant for such a small point. 
That was very reflective and interesting! Your take on Sebastian and Ciel made me pause and consider. You also gave some good advice (make the age difference more apparent), but I'm afraid I'm going to have to keep it in mind for later pieces, as the motivation for this one has flown.  Thank you again for your insightful comment! I kept rereading it for the past, sorry about that.
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